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Working together to empower and grow.


Founded with the passionate mission to highlight and support contributions of women in Dental Support Organizations, by creating the platform to grow and empower women leaders in DSO.  #empowerandgrow

Join leaders in DSO and support the Women in DSO® mission


                                                                  UNIQUE MEMBER BENEFITS                                                                   

Meaningful Networking with Industry Experts

"Of all the lessons I learned early in my career, the ability to network strategically stands out as one of the most important -- and one I continue to find value in and practice to this day. In fact, I attribute much of my success as a businessperson and leader within my profession to networking."

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Real 1 : 1 Mentoring with DSO Leaders

"It’s crucial for women in the workplace to have role models. Mentoring helps women ideate about what they will become. For women to be more empowered in the workplace, it’s crucial to have structured mentorships where women can learn from each other."

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Platform to Showcase Talents and Wins

"Although our research has focused on the life sciences, we suspect that these gender disparities in self-promotion occur in a wide variety of settings, probably contributing to the societal gender gaps in pay and promotion. So it seems fair to say that women would do well to promote their accomplishments more."

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There's much to see here: committees to join, events to register for, engaging conversations to be apart of, professional coaching, and access to  job boards to empower your growth.  Women in DSO® is a platform to empower and grow women leadership in the DSO space and there are several ways to support the mission.

Women in DSO® Founding Industry Partners





                                                            WHO SHOULD JOIN WOMEN IN DSO                                                            

Progressive DSO Groups

Progressive DSOs, regardless of their size - who want to elevate their business by providing access for their women leaders to industry peers, mentors and experts.   Learn more here.

Professional Leaders

Women leaders across Dental Industry who want to mentor, network and grow while sharing their experiences and talents with like minded peers to grow future women leaders.  Learn more here.

Industry and Product Leaders

Vendor and product companies who want to work with DSOs and decision makers responsible for  various functional areas across the industry who support the mission of empowering women leaders in the DSO space.  Learn more here.

Association Partners

Professional associations and groups supporting the DSO Industry and finding opportunities to collaborate and further each other's missions.  Learn more here.

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Working together to empower and grow.  #empowerandgrow

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