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emPower Networking: Supporting and Empowering Introverts in your Organization

  • September 29, 2022
  • 1:00 PM
  • Virtual

Supporting and Empowering Introverts in your Organization


5 Myths: Introverts struggle to lead; Introverts are shy; Introverts avoid networking; Introverts will speak up and campaign for their work; Introverts don’t take risks Many people believe that extroverts are the most successful leaders. But in fact, both introverts and extroverts have equal opportunity to achieve greatness in the workplace. Even though their styles are different, both introverted and extraverted leaders have valuable gifts they can harness to improve their work and the lives of those they manage.

In this emPower Networking discussion with Lorri Detrick, COO of Riccobene and Allison Alexander, Vice President of Marketing at Darby Dental, we’ll explore the different methods used for leadership, and best practices to optimize an introverted personality for great leadership.

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